Input transformer

Hi All
Is it possible to make this using cubase input transformer?

IF I Play the E3 note, I want it be converted to Eb3 through pitch bend. ie, if i play the E3, the pitch bend moves by 1 semitone down for E3 only.

Pitch bend range is determined by the receiving MIDI device.
But if the question is if the input transformer can transform a received E3 to Eb3 - yes.

Thanks for reply
YES, i want the input transformer to transform a received E3 to Eb3, HOW? can you attach an image? or cpr file?

In “Midi Modifiers” in the inspector, you can transpose a track up or down as much as you want.

I do not want to transpose a track, I want to transpose single note through pitch bend

Sorry I misunderstood, yes it’s possible in the transformer although I’m not that knowledgeable about that. What I do is find a preset that’s close and edit.