Input trasformer Help!

I have a great problem.
I want remapping a input Midi track for a drum vst instrument.

For example:
I want play a C2 in my keyboard and want play G3
E2>F3 and any more

I have see the manuale chapter for input trasformer, buy i haven’t undestand how It work… Can you help me please?

While you could use the Input Transformer for this it will get big and ugly pretty fast.

The better tool to use would be Drum Maps which are designed specifically for this task.

Thank for your replies…
But I can’t understand how input transformers work

I’m saying you should NOT use the Input Transformer at all to accomplish your task. What you should use is a Drum Map.

The Input Transformer, the Logical Editor and the Project Logical Editor all basically work in the same manner although they are designed for different tasks. And they are tricky to understand, especially at first. But once you know how one of them works the others will make sense. I think the easiest one to learn with is the Logical Editor (the LE not the PLE). If you want to learn the Input Transformer I’d advise learning the LE first.

Clear. Thank you!!