Input Trasnsformer

Ok so i want to be able to run 16 channels of midi from my Tenori-on into 16 different VST instruments. I have researched this and the input transformer should be able to do it but i have tried averything and am having no joy, I find it cryptic. Does any one know how this works or if its even possible?

At the moment all 16 channels play on each VST, arrghh!!

Im using Cubase 7

You’ll have to record-enable 16 MIDI~ or Instrument tracks, with a Local Input Transformer on each, and set each one to filter out all but the desired MIDI channel for that track.

See the attachet scrteenshot. This is for your 1st MIDI channel. All Notes/SysEx/Controllesr/Program Changes…, which are not sended on MIDI Channel 1, will be filtered.

Use it as Local, not Global Input Transformer!

On the 2nd MIDI channel, change just the Channel Unequal 2.
Screen Shot 2013-03-18 at 9.55.23.png

cool, Thanks. Il try this tonight.

(Martin… that screenshot seems to have disappeared :confused: )
Just to add that, by default, there are some Input Transformer presets installed with the Cubase application. They should be available in the window header of the (Local) Input Transformer, in the sub-folder “Channel Filtering”.

Thanks, the screenshot is back.

The factory Presets for the Local Input Transformer do not appear. What do I need to do? please anyone


Could you try to trash preferences of Cubase, please?

that didn’t work

Are you on PC or Mac?
Anyways, the procedure will be the same, but the location of the folders is different…

Go to \Users\user name\AppData\Roaming\Steinberg\Cubase 7\Presets.

Go to Your Account/Library/Preferences/Cubase 7/Presets/

Do you see a folder named “Input Transformer”?, and, if so, does it contain anything? (if “yes” to both of those, then you should be seeing those presets just fine in Cubase… if “yes”, but you are still not seeing them, then we’ll have to rethink the problem :wink:. Anyways… if “no” to either of those questions…

Go to the Cubase 7 Program folder.

Select the Cubase 7 application in the Finder, and, from the “Action” pop-up in the Finder window’s header, or right-click, to get the Context Menu, and select “Open Package Contents”.

From that folder, locate the Presets subfolder, where you should see an Input Transformer subfolder.
Copy that folder to the missing folder/contents in your AppData (or Preferences, on Mac) folder.
They should now appear on next launch of Cubase.