Input view on mixer

Hi fellow cubasers and Steiny

After years of using Cubase this feature has always annoyed me. I use all three mixer views.1 for audio and fx. 1 for vsts and groups. 1 for input channels only. I have 18 mono inputs to monitor. Problem is even with only input channels selected on a mixer, as soon as you minimize/close it then bring it back, more than half your input channels are hidden by…nothing but grey empty space. You then have to manually grab the separating window bar thingy and swipe accross to open the view again.

Does this bug only me?

If possible please could that “reserved” space be removed from the mixer when viewing input channels only.


Loving Cubase 6 in general.

Hello Kevin,

yes we know that this is a little annoying, but we cannot change this one “on the fly”. In a future major Cubase update this will be hopefully solved like some other stuff.



A temporary solution is to make a workspace with the mixer view you want. This preserves the layout but if you make changes for individual tracks, like, narrow/wide, hide channels etc. they will only work correctly in projects with the same input channel configuration.


Chris, such a prompt response is inspiring.

Twinoak, smart suggestion.

Thanks guys, I’m loving this forum and the knowledge I’m gaining here.

Kev - I used to think like you about this, too, because I didn’t see the control buttons on the left side of the mixer window. If you check this out, you will see that you can open/expand the channel groups (inputs and outputs) with the click of a button - and not drag that ‘window thingy’ across the greyed out mixer area. This makes the job much easier. :smiley:

Too, you need a two monitor video card and two monitors to get comfortable with Cubase I think. Once you run with two monitors you will never go back.

Oh, that was surprising to see Steinberg come here and offer their concerns, I agree. Since Cubase has been this way since SX3, I don’t see that they have been very motivated to deal with this. Well, maybe they have something up their sleeve. :question: