Input volume on MR816

Am I crazy?

The input volume on the MR816 when using the output of an external preamp is over the top loud. I have the balanced out from my Great River MP-2NV going into the line input on channel one on the MR816 and the input volume peaks out when my preamp output volume is fairly low.

With my RME Fireface, I could set the preamp volume to a normal usable level and not have any trouble.

Is there a way to turn down the overall input volume? It’s like the whole unit is set to -10 dB instead of +4…

Anyone else having the same issue? Is this thing just no good for what I’m trying to do even if the input volume is all the way down on the MR816?

engage the pad switch and turn the volume completely down and you’ll have more or less line level. You cant technically bypass the pre’s so doing as I stated is the closest thing unless you use the inserts on channels 1 and 2.

the pre’s are so transparent you wont have any problems going in this way.


Hmm. OK - thanks. I did actually try that, but it seemed lower than line level and I didn’t want to turn the pre’s up.

Thanks for the help.


I agree. It is like the unit is setup to -10 not +4. Is there an setting somewhere for that?

I had a FireFace and the line in levels in the back were a) not adjustable and b) 3 to 4 dB lower than the MR816. I have an expensive preamp to bring my mic up to line level, I don’t want it going through more circuitry again.

And isn’t engaging the pad on that channel yet MORE circuitry? So, if I have this straight, I need to have my LA-610 attenuating itself below unity gain, just to have it boosted back up by the MR816’s pre-amp (at it’s lowest gain)? Or put the LA-610 to unity gain, engage the pad on the MR816’s channel, but increase the gain on the MR816 channel because it is now way too low?

if you’ve only got 1 or 2 decent pre’s then just use the inserts on channels 1 and 2 for complete bypass, otherwise using the method I mentioned will give you no extra colouration you can hear. Try it.


You may be right, maybe I won’t notice. But it still doesn’t sit right with me.

Brilliant idea about the inserts! However, isn’t that unbalanced? I only have the option to go balanced out.

just make up an insert cable that goes form stereo jack to two unbalanced XLR’s I use that method for my 1176’s