Inputs 5/6 on UR44

Hey everyone… I am not using my interface for recording, but Im hoping someone can help.

I am running my turn table into the L/R rear inputs (5&6) on the UR44 interface.
I am then wanting to run the signal into 3rd party airplay software called Airfoil so I can play the audio throughout my house in different Airplay Zones.

The problem I’m having…

I am getting Direct through signal, and it sounds great. BUT i cant for the life of me figure out how to disable direct through monitoring on 5&6 and send the signal to my computer.

When I open dsmMixFX UR44, i can see the levels on the screen, so I know they are there. but when I go to Airfoil. nothing is registering. However when I run signal into any of the front inputs, It registers onto Airfoil.

Can anyone help?