Inputs and Outputs - where are they stored?

Day 2 of Trial period.

Still have not heard a sound from N8 Trial.

I would like to copy my VST Connections settings from N7 to N8 without having to set them all up again.

Does anyone know where they are stored?

I must say that I find it very hard to believe that these settings are still not copied by default from the previous version when updating.

Surely Steinberg don’t think that we want to completely abandon all of our standard routings every time we update the software.

Day 3 of Trial period.

Not having much luck.

Could not locate the N7.1 Input and Output configuration file/s so re-entered everything by hand into N8. What a pain.

It does now load some N7.1 projects, but find that it crashes when loading my most current project with the “A serious problem has occurred…” message.

There is a crash dump file but I can’t read it. I guess I need to send it to somebody, somewhere.

The project contains very few plugins, mostly UAD-2, so I don’t think plugins are causing the problem.

Is it worth it? :angry:

Maybe I should just stick with N7.1.

3 days wasted.

I tried the trial version and not one of my preferences imported. I tried importing my key commands and it wouldn’t do it. I seem to remember a previous trial version doing this. It must block all previous versions. I can’t get a real feel for the program when I can’t use VST connection presets, key commands, or macros from N7.

I’m on a mac and have installed it on two machines so far, all Preference files and IO settings copied over no problem.