Inputs very weak compared to DAW

I just got a UR22c. I have an electric guitar connected to input 2, HiZ is on, level is set so that it just barely clips, but I find I have to have the mix knob almost all the way over to ‘Input’ (and turn the output up) before I hear the guitar at all over the track coming back from the DAW.

Please tell me this isn’t normal and there is something wrong with my unit. I don’t think it will really be usable like this.

Hi B-flow
I havent used your exact interface, but there is the dspmixfx in which you should be able to crank your “amp” up to make it louder in the listening mix.

At which level is your headphone set?
Since you monitor uncompressed signals it could have a high dynamic range, so turn the mix level down and turn the headphone output up.

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Thanks for chiming in.

@strummer - adding an “amp” does increase the guitar level a little bit, but I think I’m having a different issue there: even the ‘Clean’ one generates a notably distorted sound (the distortion setting on the amp panel is zero, everything else set to 12 oclock).

@st10ss - I’m using the monitor outputs to listen on right now (no mic involved). Yes I can turn that up but it doesn’t seem right that I need to have the mix knob almost all the way to muting the DAW just to balance it with the live inputs. I mean, I hate to think what this would be like on a UR12 with only a fixed monitor on/off.

There are meters in the amp sim, what are they showing?

Also, if the material you are playing back from your daw is pretty hot, try lowering ti 12-18 db on the master out.

Hi @strummer

I’ve played around a little more tonight. All the levels show well below the red (in the amp sim panel, in the dspMixFx main window, etc), but the “Clean” amp is clearly distorting (sounds like overdrive pedal was in place or something). The only way to get a clean sound out of it is to turn the input gain waaay down (such that the signal level is below -30dB on the input meter) but then we are back to the guitar being so quiet that it is literally useless.

I’m quite confused.

Well this just gets more interesting (and odd).

ALL of the amp sim seem ‘overload’ if the input is any more then -30dB or so. The Clean completely breaks up, and the other three just become incoherent noise.

Setting that aside for a moment, if I set the gain on Input2 (the guitar) so that its just under the red line on the UR22c… as far as Windows is concerned it never goes higher than 40-60% of total volume (Windows’ Input slider set to max/100 of course). I tried doing a meeting and indeed the guitar come through very low.

This all sounds more like just bad design vs. a defective unit. I hope someone from Steinberg could maybe weight in . My next step will be to return it which I dont really want to do as the on-board DSP seemed like it would be so useful for my purpose (live-streaming of voice+guitar).

Maybe your expectations are wrong?
Do you use the ASIO driver with a DAW? Or just Windows?

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Hi @st10ss

At this stage I’m not even using a DAW at all, just trying to get a decent live sound/level for streaming.

Previously I used a single USB mic (C01U) which worked ok. In terms of my expectations, I want to step up to an interface in order to have, in addition to a mic for vocal, the guitar connected directly so that I can balance the two better, be able to hear myself in the headphones without latency (i cant sing or play if there is even a bit of latency), and have basic effects (comp, eq, reverb) passed through to the live stream and the headphones (so that i can hear exactly what im sounding like).