Inputting a cadenza-style ornamentation

I am struggling to input a cadenza-like line of ornamentation. I have been trying to use grace notes (as I want them small and outside the meter) but I am transcribing something and it includes rests in the line of “grace notes”. I can’t work out how to do it. Can anyone help? Sorry if I am missing something obvious here (quite new to Dorico).

Making notes smaller is now possible (fairly easily) in Dorico 1.2.
Using hidden time signatures and/or unmetered time can allow an unlimited number of notes in a measure.

I had this idea and tried using shift-M X for unmetered but it shows an X for the time signature, which I don’t want obviously. Then I suppose I can use the idea of just making the notes very small (but how do I do this?).

You can hide the X though!

I was thinking about this too. I found the Hide Time Signature in the Property panel. But then my metronome marking moves over past my several initial grace notes to align with the first regular duration note. It should stick close to the right of the clef.

OK I will try to hide the X but how do I make the notes very small?

and PS shouldn’t it be easier than this? Extensive ornamentation is not a rare thing especially if you are transcribing 19th C music.

Use the Scale or the Custom scale property in the Common group of the properties panel.

It’s really straightforward once you know where the right buttons are. If you need more advice, it may be a good idea to post a picture of what exactly you’re trying to achieve.