Inputting Chord Symbols according to grid spacing, not beat spacing

The manual says:

" Inputting chord symbols
Optional: Press Space to advance the popover to the next beat according to the prevailing time signature.

Shouldn’t Spacebar advance to the next grid position?

I was trying to figure out why my chords (Shift-Q) were not going where I wanted them to rhythmically go (had not used Chord Name feature before) and so, was surprised to find this implementation in the manual.

Trying to get my chords to go either on the half note without extraneous Spacebars, not on the quarter note, in 4/4; or, better yet, to include syncopation (it is jazz after all), which would seemingly be possible, if I set the grid to 1/8th note and then used multiple spacebar presses to skip some beats.

Or did I miss something.

Use the carat to position your chord on the off beat, shift-q (chord) right arrow to move to the next grid position. rinse and repeat…

You can do this even without the caret, with the right arrow key. Set the grid to half notes.

Space to the next beat; Tab to the next downbeat; right-arrow to the next grid position.

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Alternative navigation methods are available (as hinted at in the tip beneath the original sentence you highlighted)

On the topic of chords, I thought I would share the result of a short contrafact composition exercise; the B.T player’s part. Extreme flag placement to be sure.

This isn’t a problem for my project, per-se.

Usually the chord signposts (“flags”) are arranged to not overlap (for easier selection, I assume) and does not reflect the placement of the actual unhidden chords, ( which if unhidden would break up the multi bar rests).

Although, I just realized that maybe your point is simply that, yes, it’s pretty extreme. To be sure indeed.