inputting cresc. poco a poco with popover?

Is there a way to input “cresc. poco a poco” directly with a popover?

If not, there must be some technical reason that is preventing this… Maybe it has something to do with the properties?

All the best,


Dorico will interpret “poco” as one of the pre-defined modifiers that you can apply to dynamics via the buttons in the panel on the right-hand side, which will prevent it from reproducing what you typed exactly. This is an area that we will be putting some more time and thought into in future to see if we can increase the range of situations in which your input will be reproduced exactly.

Thanks, great to hear that there are plans to further develope the popovers!

I guess one would expect typing ”cresc. poco a poco” in the dynamics popover to create a crescendo and toggle on ”poco a poco” in the properties panel. But does any popover actually toggle anything in the properties panel?

Yes, of course it does, which is why things like “f molto cantabile” or “poco staccato p” create unexpected results.