Inputting dynamics and expression on multiple notes


I’m a convert from Sonar.
In score editor, is there a way to input the same dynamic or expression (when type=direction) on multiple notes at once?
As it is now I constantly have to go back to the palette and re-select it - very annoying.
It works with expression when type=attribute, ie: if multiple notes are selected the same attribute will appear in one click on selected notes.
I wish it would work the same for the other cases.
Any ideas?


For Direction-type articulations, they are not note-based anyways, so a single inserted articulation will be valid for all notes until you change the articulation. But, if you want those articulations visually in the score for several notes, then I’m afraid there’s no short way around that.

To jump on Vic’s band’s wagon… You can ease your pain slightly by unchecking the pref at Preferences>Score>Edit Show “Object Selection Tool after inserting…” (I might have that wrong,- it’s the first in the list though) This way you won’t have to mouse back to the palette. Also, holding down alt/opt brings up the draw tool.

Thanks Vic,

It’s not a visual thing for me but rather a time saving thing. If I want, say, “P, cresc., F”, covering the first 4 8th notes of 4 consecutive bars, then it would be a great time saver to be able to select the first 8th note of each of those bars, click “P”, click the first note, and have “P” appear on the first 8th note of each of the 4 bars, as one can do for expressions when type=attributes.

I will check out “preferences”

Thanks Guys!

I have “Show Object Selection Tool after inserting a symbol” selected (I think it’s the default) not sure what it does, nothing is “shown” when I insert a symbol.

I said uncheck it.


Great Steve!
Thank you, that’s much better!!

Using a different set of tools…

  1. Write your initial “P”, “<”, “F” symbols for the first bar.
  2. Enable “Bar Handles” from the Visibility section of the Extended Toolbar, and then Alt+drag the bar handle (the little square) of the first bar onto the bar handle of the 2nd bar.
    A dialog opens.
  3. Checkmark the options “Graphics” and “Slur/Cresc.”, and set Repeats to “3”.
    Click on “OK”.
    Done :slight_smile:

Very interesting!
Thank you Vic!