Inputting gradual dynamics with caret doesn't work

I’m not sure if it’s a bug or not but I’m trying to add gradual dynamics with the caret on (because of the ties) and it doesn’t produce any dynamics.
עיבודים לשירי אהבה - Copy.dorico (984.2 KB)

How do you try it? It should work.

  1. activate caret
  2. Shift + d
  3. enter your gradual dynamic, hit enter (you won’t see anything)
  4. advance with the space bar (the dynamic appears)

oh, thanks, I missed the space bar. Is there a reason why we need this extra step (the space bar)?

You set the start of the gradual dynamic. There is no length, so it is invisible… You need to tell Dorico how long it should be. You can always advance the caret with the space bar. This step is of course not necessary for normal dynamics (p, mp, …)

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