Inputting high notes make them end on a different staff

I’m trying to input high notes on a piano staff, but after a certain note, the note input caret goes to the staff above…why?

How are you inputting the notes? Mouse? Text (QWERTY) keyboard?
I am guessing it is not MIDI keyboard.

I imagine Mike is using the mouse for input. Mike, mouse input is the slowest and least efficient way to input notes in Dorico. It’s up to you, of course, but if you’re doing a lot of note input, the investment in learning e.g. step-time input will really pay off many times over.

If you want to use mouse input, you may need to input very high notes in a lower octave and then transpose them up using Ctrl+Alt+up arrow (Windows) or Opt-Command-up arrow (Mac).

I’d recommend working through the First Steps guide to help you get to grips with various modes of input:

You might also find this video helpful as a primer on step-time input:


Thanks a lot Daniel,

I have indeed gone through the full First Steps tutorial, and I got fairly familiar with inputting notes with the keyboard, and of course with the connected midi keyboard I have. I was just happening to use the mouse in that particular moment and found the behaviour to be quite odd, as the caret is still on the selected staff, and when I want to move it on another one I can use the up and down arrows.
Thanks a lot for your reply anyway!
All the best

When you’re using mouse input, you’re free to input on any staff, which moves the caret there. As a consequence, it means that at some point between the staves Dorico has to decide whether you intend to input on one staff or the other.

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understood, thanks!