Inputting multiple dynamics

Hello Dorico users
Maybe I’ve missed this somewhere, but I’ve searched Dorico help and the online videos.
I want to input multiple dynamics. I’m writing an orchestral score and I want every instrument to be marked forte. But selecting all the parts then clicking the f-symbol in the Dynamics panel applies it to only one part. I also tried alt-click, ctrl-click, but no luck. Inputting dynamics one part at a time is slow. Is there a way to input multiple dynamics as I wish.
Thanks for any help.

Yeah, this could use some improvements (which I think Daniel mentioned they would do).

The workaround for now is to create it for one instrument, copy that, select all others, and paste.

Thanks Thijs. That works fine.
Greetings from Wezembeek. :slight_smile: Dorico users everywhere.

Alt-click does indeed work in this way: once you’ve added one dynamic, it’s selected. Using alt-click anywhere else will copy a selection to that new location. Quite handy.

You’ll be able to create dynamics across multiple staves in the forthcoming update. (And unlike our friends at the big purple people eating company, that is just one of dozens upon dozens of improvements coming in this update, rather than being the sole new feature, as it was in one of their releases earlier this year…)