inputting notes with stems onto system text

Dear advanced users and developers,

How could I input some notes with stems onto System Text?
Due to some reasons, I hid notehead of some pitches, so it is now somewhat difficult to recognise the rhythms.

I think the best way would be

  • inputting a system text above the note
  • inputting a customised playing technique above the note.

I think system text would be better. However, I could not input a crochet by copying the symbol from SMuFL pdf guide.
I pasted it after changing the font to Bravura, but pasting changes the font to Academico, and pastes nothing. How could I do it?

You can certainly do it using the ‘Music text’ character style. After you paste the characters in, select them (e.g. using Shift+left arrow) and then choose the ‘Music text’ character style from the menu in the top left-hand corner of the text editing popover; this uses the Bravura Text font (which is what you should use in text items, rather than Bravura itself).

Thank you.
The problem was copying text from PDF.

I copied the character from the following website, and it works:

It is strange that PDF does not export the text with the correct font.