Inputting notes with the mouse on Dorico 3

I am used to input notes using the mouse in Finale. Maybe because I like to think what I am gonna do with the notes, I didn’t get used to write with a midi keyboard.
In Finale, each time you input a note with the mouse, it goes to the first available beat of the mesure.

However, Dorico 3 doesn’t work likewise.
When you input a note, it goes to the beat you are inputting, and with the mouse, it often misplaces it in a half-beat or something.

Is there an easy and effect way to input notes with the mouse in Dorico 3?
Can I set the mouse input to be like Finale`s?


Entering notes with a mouse, in Finale or Dorico, is the least efficient method, and is prone to inaccurate positioning. You can enter notes with the computer “QWERTY” keyboard very easily.

Dorico is designed very differently from Finale, and trying to make it behave like Finale will bring you trouble. Dorico’s entry is fundamentally set to use a note duration grid.

The thing is, I’ve been inputting notes in Finale with a mouse for years. As I usually use Finale for composing, it’s OK for me as I think while writing.
I may learn other manners of inputting music, but for me, the most natural way is that way.
Additionally, that’s how people usually start using a notation software.
I have a student who has just started using a notation software and she naturally started trying to input the notes manually.
Even if there is a more efficient way to do it, the natural, intuitive way is by inputting notes manually, with the mouse.
Although I am an advanced Finale user, I still do input notes with the mouse, and I also think of people who will be using a notation software for the first time. In my opinion, it would be good if Dorico makes it easier and more efficient to input notes with a mouse.

We certainly support the idea of making the program as easy as possible to use with the mouse, but I can’t see us changing this particular aspect so that it disregards the position in the bar where you click. Dorico’s method is actually much more useful and powerful than that, since it allows you to insert notes at any position and not worry about having to manually create rests. This is also nicely consistent with how input using the computer keyboard or a MIDI keyboard works: you just put the notes where you want them to go and let Dorico fill in the rests.

When clicking notes/items into place using the mouse, the granularity of where they get input corresponds to your rhythmic grid resolution - e.g. if it’s set to 16th notes, there are lots more possible positions a note can be input than if it’s set to quarter notes, meaning you have to be much more precise about where you’re inputting things. Perhaps try setting your rhythmic grid to the largest resolution you’ll need (e.g. if you’re only inputting quarter notes, set to quarter notes) as this will give you a bit more wiggle room when using the mouse.