Inputting percussion in HSO

One again, I am asking what is probably a no brainer question; when I am using the percussion in HSO, how can I input from my MIDI keyboard to get the sound I want? For example, I would like the snare to be changing between a single note, to a flam, and then a roll. Do I need to add the articulation on each note to get the desired sound? I can see how to get the sound when playing “live” but I guess I am confused with how to use the key switches… I don’t know.

In the case of a drumkit you can see in the percussion map where each sound is. If you have your MIDI input Preferences set to use the percussion map you can then press the correct key for snare, rim shot, hi-hat etc.
This only applies if the technique is unique - if there are more than one techniques mapped in the percussion map to that MIDI key then you can’t use both (I think it defaults to the ‘lowest’ numbered entry - the ‘first’ one it found).

This doesn’t apply to things like flam and roll though since they normally require something additional, e.g. either a grace note, slash or ‘z’ on the stem or in some cases a trill marking. You can’t do those at the same time as inputting the note from the MIDI keyboard.

Thank you!