Inputting pickup bars

I searched YouTube for “dorico pickup bar” and, no joke, the search query returned “How to pick up girls in a bar.” :laughing:

Anyway, the instructions in the help file don’t seem to apply, as there is no “Group first bar as pick-up” in the Time Signatures properties group when I click on a time signature:

The instructions for “Pick-up bars” strangely also don’t explain how to create one:

I guess we just click to add a bar line and the pickup measure will be created automatically?

Click on that first link and read the “Note” two paragraphs in.

And it’s nice to know that women find guys who use Dorico (and vice versa?) attractive. :sunglasses:

I can just see my next failed attempt:

Me: “Call me Dorico Dude.”

Her: “Dork.”