Inputting Renaissance note value in Dorico for Ipad

I’m trying to transcribe some Renaissance pieces in Dorico for Ipad, and got stuck on this:
Dorico note value
First, is the last note a longa or a maxima (or something else)? In interpretations, it seems to be about twice as long as the whole notes.

Second, how can this be input in Dorico? I found the symbols in the Notes Panel, but whenever I click on them Dorico converts it to modern notation (a series of tied whole notes).

Thanks in advance.

If you want to recreate it exactly like shown you will have to create a new notehead set and apply it only to this note.

If you also want it to play back correctly, you will need to use hidden tuplets.

But as I am no expert on renaissance music I can’t tell you which notelength it refers to.

If you tap on the ^ above the note duration icons, you’ll get access to the longer notes.
You’ll get tied notes if the bar is too short.

As it looks like the final note of the piece, it’s probably a maxima, which was generally used to mean “hold this note until everyone has come to the cadence”.

You need to create an open time signature (shift-m open) this gives sufficient space between barlines for the note to show.

Thanks, all, for the quick responses, I’m back to work now.