inputting techniques for multiple staves

hi there,

Is there a reason why only one “upbow” appears if I select multiple string staves & notes, with the hope that each one will have an “upbow” after entering it in a popover?


At present you cannot enter PT on multiple staves in one operation. This functionality will likely change in future versions.

For now, the easiest way is to do it on one staff, and copy-paste to multiple. Or with the current PT selected, Alt-click to place it on other staves.

yup, that’s what I’ve been doing – thank you!

Also, make sure you’ve got a key shortcut for “Duplicate to Staff Below”. (And Above.) I use Shift Alt M (or N), but I can’t remember if that’s my own addition or not.

It is, but it really should be reiterated. Assigning those shortcuts is a great suggestion!

Yes : they make great sense and are really useful.