Inputting Text: Enter vs. Escape to finish

A quick thought: When entering text/system text, I use Esc to finish. Would it be an improvement to use Enter/Return to finish/exit, and Shift+Enter to create a new line?

Shift+Enter for a new line is used by Facebook and Facebook Messenger so it might be more intuitive and quicker. I don’t know what others think?

I’m thinking aloud really.


This sounds like a good idea.
Not because Enter at the moment produces a line break, but because Escape does actually mean something else (going a step backwards, cancelling the last action).

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In which case, it should be consistent across every dialog that contains multi-line text fields, so Staff Label names, Project Info, etc.

Alt-Return is quite commonly used for the same thing in other environments, too.

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@dspreadbury What are your thoughts? Thanks.

It’s been suggested before. It isn’t a super high priority but it’s on my list of ideas for future versions.