Inquiry of Cubase Elements 9 Features

Hello I am potentially looking to upgrade my Cubase LE AI 8 to Cubase Elements 9 and would just like to confirm some features. I could not find the information in the info pages on the website.

  1. Does Elements 9 allow unlimited export to mp3 or would I have to buy the separate unlock?
  2. Does Elements 9 allow internal routing (like the output of a VST track becomes the input of an audio track)?

When I got the bundle version I was not aware of some of the missing features.
3. Are there any other “basic” features that would usually require extra purchases? i.e. is there anything most customers who buy Elements 9 end up buying to go with it?

Adding to the opening post to any Elements 9 users:
Does Elements 9 work for you. I am a bit cautious of updating in case it has problems. I have Elements 8 and it works flawlessly for me. The MP3 unlimited export was included, though I had to buy it for my Elements 7 Ai Le update. I use a dongle so I can use various computers and it works very smoothly. I notice the eLicenser website is mainly down so that is a worry. I had months of problems getting the soft license updated and to the dongle and I really can do without that.


I did the upgrade from Elements 8 and now I am thinking about switching to Artist version.
I really like the Lower zone, it is too bad they didn’t do that before, today almost every Daw have this kind of fast editor.
Something you should know, cause it is not explained anywhere and you could be disapointed, the Overview line has been removed from the Elements version! I’ve reported this ( but don’t know if it’s voluntary or an oversight from Steinberg.
The 9 version seems to run without major obstacles, of course there is some bugs and you can take a look into the bug reports section, I fund that when you double click on a midi tab into the Editor Tab in the Lower Zone it goes wrong ( hope they release fix update soon.
Don’t now about unlimited MP3 export, didn’t knew that they were limited?
Personaly I prefer Cubase 9 version. In the worst case you don’t like it you still can use 8 version alongside.

In reply to the original questions:

  1. Yes, the limit to mp3 exports was removed in Elements 8. Still no limit.
  2. No you can’t internally route a VSTi to an audio track.
  3. Can’t think of anything essential missing for multi-track recording and song-writing…I happily have Elements on a Laptop for use in travelling and when away from my main PC where I have the Pro version.

Thanks for all the help!
Does anyone know if Cubase Artist 9 has the internal routing option?

To be clear no Cubase can route a vsti to a group…but in pro you can route vsti to a group which can be selected as an input for recording…I’m afraid I don’t know if Artist has the extended routing capability or not…I’m sure someone will!

This is sort of a basic question, but when you export to mp3 directly from a VST track, it converts the MIDI stuff into the mp3 as though you had pressed play and recorded it? So in trying to get audio from a VST track, you could just use mp3 export right away instead of routing to an audio track and then exporting?

Thanks for the help.

Of course you can do that. In export audio mixdown dialogue tick the box to import to project.
This is absolutely the best and simplest way to turn a vst instrument to audio.

The routing and recording method is for more specialised use…for example you may want to record a live performance of yourself playing the instrument and also tweaking the instruments controls from the software gui as you play.

Thanks a lot for all the help!
I am going to upgrade to Elements 9.
I will follow your advice.

Vendimion, I think this is the link you mean

It sounds like this is unintentional. For me, the “Setup Window Layout” looks like this:

I was hoping to work around it by assigning it a keyboard shortcut, but the command is not in that list, even though it includes “Show/Hide” commands for the Info and Status lines.