INSANE CPU overloads and audio drop-outs

Greetings everyone.

My cubase shows unrealistically cpu overloads even while not playing my project. The meter is full to around 1/3 and it jumps constantly to the max even when I don’t play the project. When I play it I head crackles and audio dropouts all the time.
I tried lowering my sample rate, changing my buffer size but everything gets me the same result…

Please help!

My specs: Core i7 8700 3.20GHz
Windows 10 64 bit
SPL Crimson audio interface

I had this problem recently, but deleting the settings folder helped, don’t ask me why

I’ll give it a try when I get home.

Ok I did that. I get less chops and dropouts but they’re still there… I still get them even when the playback is on full stop.

Doesn’t make any sense…

Anyone? Please?

Honestly, GPU was a huge problem for me. Ditched Nvidia & now using AMD.

next was my Cpu was over heating.I ditched the stock intel cooler & purchased this silent cooler.

Check your cpu temps with a full loaded cubase project on loop. should not be over 66C

report back with temps & gpu.

Mee too.

Set buffersize to max (1024), freezed all midi tracks, so just 3 audio tracks were running in the intro. Audio work display shows less than 1/3 in average and nearly nothing on peaks. But there are dropouts and the marker turned to red.

I am on Mac / High Sierra on an iMac 5k.

i noticed that Cubase 10 defaults to using the 64-bit project format. For me, changing back to 32-bit float made big difference. There is so much headroom in 32-bit float, I cannot imagine a reason to save a project as 64-bits. afaik the audio engine still does computations in 64-bit internally