INSANE Cubase glitch with panning and fader - HELP

The problem: Every time I switch tracks, the panning on the newly selected track drifts two ticks to the left, and the volume fader decreases an ever-increasing amount, starting at 0.19 and growing. This occurs when I switch to any of the following types of tracks: instrument, audio, fx, and the stereo out. MIDI tracks are not affected in any way.

I have included a YouTube screen capture (20 seconds long) so you can see exactly what I am talking about.

This was an empty Cubase session starting from scratch.

I was on Cubase 11 Pro, fully updated, and I tested this on Cubase 12 elements. The problem vanished! So, I just upgraded today to Cubase 12 Pro, and the problem has sadly continued. When I switch back to Cubase 12 Elements, the problem vanishes. Now, Cubase 12 PRO imported all my preferences, as it does each time I upgrade Cubase. Cubase 12 Elements didn’t copy over any of my preferences.

The details of my system are as follows:

Cubase 11 PRO (fully upgraded, version 11.0.41 Build 448
and Cubase 12 PRO (uploaded today) version 12.0.70 Build 464
Windows 10, version 22H2, fully updated

This has been going on for about 2 weeks. One other thing that has happened in the last two weeks is my soft e-licenser has been disabled and I now get an error message that pops up every time I open Cubase 11 PRO (doesn’t open on Cubase 12 PRO.) Not sure if that has anything to do with it - just trying to figure this out.

eLicenser Control error message 2

Thank you for your help!

I suggest you open a support ticket for the e-Licenser issue.

Regarding the panner: Start Cubase with preferences disabled.

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Thank you! Starting with preferences disabled has partially solved the problem. Cycling between tracks no longer shifts the pan or levels. Now, the question becomes: which of my preferences is causing this glitch? I’d rather not have to erase all of my templates

Kindly search the forum regarding the preferences on how to find the folder where they are stored. You might want to delete the responsible file. Cubase will re-created a factory version afterwards.

I think there is also an article in Steinberg support database about where to find the preferences file.

Soft e-licenser problems can apparently happen after Windows updates.

When controls change, one frequent source of issues is an undesirable remote control configuration (Studio settings) - often related to external midi hardware sending stuff, that Cubase thinks are commands to change some channel or instrument parameters or even play notes.


Thank you for your help - the problem was absolutely coming from the Generic Remote files in the studio manager. I created a duplicate profile and deleted the generic remote files, and the problem vanished. So, I’m off to setup Metagrid again and get it working properly. Thanks for the suggestion!


I am glad you found the source of the glitch and were able to rectifiy the situation.
If I may make one annotation regarding your topic’s title: I understand that on YouTube, TikTok and other social media platforms you need to find catchy titles in order to gain attention. In this forum, however, this is not necessary. A simple “Cubase glitch with panning and fader, need help” would have been quite sufficient.


I had the same issue and assuming you use Metagrid Pro? on their forum I couldn’t get a solution but my solution was to have check mark on Pick up (in addition to transmit and receive) for volume and pan controller. I also disabled transmit and receive for Volume reset ( didn’t find a need for it).

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