Insanely better performance in Cubase 13 than 10.5

New Audio Performance Meter in Cubase 12 – Steinberg Support

Realtime: averaged load of all live input and monitoring activated channels
Asio Guard: everything which is not live and therefore can be preprocessed
Peak: basically the Realtime-meter, but not averaged, so it often jumps up or down

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Excellent. So Cubase 13 does blitz 10.5
Really appreciate the help.

I have Cubase 11 and would like to exploit my new PC better as latency didn’t improve much.
Is C13 “insanely better” than C11 as well? And if so, why?

The trial of C13 is now available, just try it out on your computer. If that doesn’t drive you insane, then some of the comments on this forum certainly will.