Insatalling 7 after hdd format

Hi guys, Is there a way to download and install v7 direct, or do I need to follow my purchase and upgrade process over the years to achieve the 7 install?

me -> Cubase 5(cd install), upgrade to 6(cd install), upgrade to 6.5(download install), upgrade to 7(cd install)

Trying to shave some time off the install process. I thought maybe there is a link to download and install 7 that I can just use my registration details for?


Install 7 directly.


Download and run 7.0.2 complete installer. After that, download and run 7.0.5 update.

Download latest elicenser version:

Thanks, downloading now. So this will work with my upgrade from 6.5-7 serial number?

yes :wink:

Yes, it will work - you won’t need your activation code / serial number, as the Cubase 7 license is already stored on your USB-eLicenser.

The 7.0.2 allows a consistent installation (also offline) as it contains all of the required components.

Kind regards,

Excellent! thanks guys. I was dreading re-installing Cubase, but it has downloaded and installed very easily.


Hi Fabio,

I have a question. Today I uninstall Halion One, because its unusable (no presets). But I saw that with Halion One was uninstall many soundbanks, such as Standard GM Drums Set, etc. Are they nessesery to Halion Sonic SE play correctly or not ? What if I used in past these patches from Halion One in Halion Sonic SE ? They will be missed ?