Insert a new instrument on only one flow

Hello Dorico users
I’ve got a score here with 15 flows. And I want to insert a new instrument in Flow 15 that is not in any of the others. I find two things happen when I do this…

(1) The new instrument appears in all the other flows (and messes up their formatting)
(2) For some strange reason it also manages to work its way into the Flute layout (the first layout after Full Score), so that it becomes “Flute + [New Instrument]” This is easily fixed, but strange to understand.

Is there any way to insert a new instrument in Flow 15 without these things happening, pls?

You could add the player but not give them an instrument immediately (press Escape when the instrument picker appears, and they’ll appear as “Empty player”). Then before you add any instruments to that player, remove them from all the flows you don’t want them to appear in.

They shouldn’t be automatically added to an existing part layout - you can select that layout and deactivate the checkbox for the new player to remove them.

AWESOME. Thanks Lillie, I’ve run into this often and never thought to try starting with an empty player…

Thanks Lillie, Absolutely great.

A very special way of thinking, it would never have occurred to me …
So thank you Lilly, superb!

Jürg, would you mind learning to spell Lillie’s name correctly? Thanks!

:blush: Oh, I’m sorry, Lillie, but I think ever since I arranged that wonderful tune “Lilly” by Pink Martini, it’s been imprinted into my brain like that. But since Daniel can even write the umlaut of Jürg, I want to show that I am still capable of learning!