Insert Additional Measures

I’ve checked everywhere I can think of and can’t find this.
How can I add additional measures to the front end of a project? Or is there some way to globally move the entire project (by bars) within the grid? Thanks.


“Process bars” for example.

In the operation manual, the only reference to moving bars has to do with score editing.

P616/Process Tempo - P617/The Process Bars dialog /Action - INSERT BARS.

I’m still on C6, but there it’s Edit/Range/Insert Silence. You need to set your left and right markers to the number of bars you want to insert.

Thanks for the help, guys. I didn’t think of it as a tempo change; it’s not really altering tempo, just the length of the project.

Thanks again.


That’s what Insert Silence does, I use it often to insert extra bars/measures.

yes as Chris says - I use it all the time

set your markers



As of 24.4.2015 this info starts on page 905 of the Cubase 8 Reference Manual . There it says to open the tempo track editor (by clicking on the jazzy letter “e” on the tempo track Track Inspector). This opens the Tempo Track Editor.

Now you have to discover that the last little menu button on the top/right of the window–it looks like railroad tracks–allows you to “Open process bars dialog.” After that it’s not so confusing. On the right side of THIS dialog you can select one of 4 actions (insert bars, delete, reinterpret, or replace bars). On the left side you set where to insert (“start”) and how many bars (“length”).

I found that this does not mess with time signature and tempo maps, it just adds X many bars to the beginning of the track and pushes the original stuff X bars to the right, notes, time sig changes, CC lanes, and all.

I can’t tell you how many hours I’ve wasted looking for this very simple procedure, which is very simple and straightforward in Finale, PT, Live, and everything else. Many thanks to all of you for posting on this!