Insert and Name Marker macro.

I’m trying to get as many of the time-saving editing features I’m used to in PT over to Cubase as I can. I’ve been able to get most of them, but a few are sticking out still.

Such as: Does anyone know how to make a macro to Insert and Name Marker with one keystroke?


Can’t be done I’m afraid. You can insert the marker with a key command but you’re always going to have to click on the “Name” box in info line to give it a name.

Not very efficient in my opinion. There should be the option of a single operation, insert marker and pop up a dialog to let you name it immediately without reaching for the mouse.

Hi In_Stereo,

there are many ways to do that. One would be:

  1. Open Key Commands > New Macro
  2. Add Command > Add Track - Marker
  3. Add Command > Transport - Insert Marker

  1. Write a PLE-Script (Project Logical Editor):

‘Media Type is’ ‘Equal’ ‘Marker’ And
‘Name’ ‘Equal’ '(leave it empty!)

‘Name’ ‘Replace’ ‘e.g. hello world’

Function: Transform

click the + symbol & name it e.g. ‘name marker’
(now go back to the Key Commands)

5. Add Command > Process Project Logical Editor - name marker

as I say, that’s only one way. There are others. If I can help…go ahead

Hi Chris,

The OP wanted to trigger an action to insert and name a marker with one keystroke. e.g. Ins …

I’m presuming (maybe wrongly!) that they don’t want to hard-code the names of the markers but instead enter the names on the fly. That’s certainly how I’d like it to work. Can you do this with one keystroke and without a mouse click? If it’s possible I’d also love to know how…

Also, Cubase is limited to one marker track so including that in a macro would cause problems.

Yes, exactly. It’s a very useful feature that I really miss since it speeds things up in a significant way in both the musical and the post worlds. Nuendo might have it? Hopefully in C9.

Did anyone ever figure this out? I’m trying to program macros + Lemur to do a similar thing when adding an audio track…hung up on the part where Cubase requires the name to be typed. Cheers!


Hi all!

I’m extremely late to this party. But hopefully this might still be useful to someone.
I tried to do this with my TouchOSC interface just now, and since I couldn’t find a solution online, I think I finally managed to come up with something that inserts a Marker and automatically renames it.
(Just keep in mind that this macro will rename any Markers in the timeline located beyond the selected one. So you’ll need to insert the Markers in chronological order. (Which works fine for me, since that’s usually the way it goes - verse, bridge, chorus etc etc). If you need additional Markers or memory locations later on, just insert these manually as usual. I haven’t had time to make a solution to this flaw. I guess if anyone wants to build on this, you could probably specify a locator range and apply naming within that range, or something to that effect.) Anyway…

This is the order of commands in the Macro that has to be created for each Marker:

  1. Create New Macro called something like “Add Marker: marker name
  2. Add command: “Transport - Set Marker” (1 through 9, or as many as you need).
  3. Add a PLE script to Select Next Marker. This selects the Marker inserted in step 2.
  4. Add Second PLE script to rename the selected marker to whatever the Marker should say.
  5. Make a Key Command for this Macro and go to town.
  6. Repeat step 1-5 for every Marker you need in your project.

Here are screenshots of my PLE and Macro:

Hope this helps.