Insert, automation questions

I have 3 questions.
Question 1: How do I copy an insert across multiple channels. I know that if I hold alt I can drag an insert from one channel to another making a copy but lets say I have an insert on channel 1 and I want to copy it on channel 2,3,4, and 5. Is there a way for me to drag it across multiple channels at the same time? Doing it one by one is very time consuming.

Question 2: Is there a way to copy an insert from one channel to another and have the automation data associated with that insert copy to the new channel as well?

Question 3: If possible, is there a way to combine what I want to do in question 1 and question 2.


  1. You can drag to the one track only. So one by one. Or you can Save it as a preset, and the load it to these other tracks (again, one by one).

  2. No, you have to draw or copy the automation data. Would be then easier to duplicate the track, and exchange the data (Audio Events/Parts)?

  3. I would say, duplicate of the track would be the way for you.

Thanks. Maybe these will future features.