Insert bar

Hi collective wisdom. I am trying to insert a 5/4 bar in a surrounding of already written 4/4’s in a context of music with many voices.
It seems to be quite dificult, and I can’t really figure it out. Is there an easy way?
Best greetings.
Per Dybro

Sorry no easy way just yet. It has been mentioned in another thread that this will become much easier in the future, so patience is the key :slight_smile:

Sorry: of course I first change the following to 5/4 and insert a bar, then change the following back.
But what if I want to remove a bar? - because what I really want to do is to change a 4/4 to 5/4, that means putting a guarter note extra in…
The upper way is not impossible, so I have patience :slight_smile:

Well: I should have read the FAQ: shift-B, -1 and etc. Sorry for wasting your time! and good luck with next update!