Insert blank measures

I see there is a process in Cubase but I cannot find a way to do it in Cubasis 3. I wanted a few extra measures at the beginning of a song so I slid all tracks to the right but I cannot seem to record or add notes to the space to the left of the existing tracks. I do not see anything in the help file or with an online search (other than how to do it in Cubase (( Edit > Range > Insert Silence)) and that is not possible in Cubasis).

Hi @John_Linn,

Thanks for your message.

Simply place the left locator to the position where you want to record.
Hope that helps!

In addition, please check out our “Getting started with Cubasis” tutorial, where our Dom Sigalas shows the workflow and all required steps, in order to use some great music with Cubasis:

Hope that helps!