Insert bypass shortcut project window

The key command Insert bypass (toggle) only works when the mixer window is open, although the purpose of this keyboard command is precisely to access this function without opening the mixer window.
Is this a bug or did I miss something?

The Bypass Inserts key command is defined only in the Mixer category. So, I guess that this is by design : the defined shortcut (Alt+Y, on my end) will work as soon as the MixConsole has the focus, whether in its separate window or in the lower zone.

So, there is a place for a feature request, on the matter. What concerns me is that, even when setting the focus on the Channel zone (on the left of the Inspector), the shortcut doesn’t work either. And this, for me, is a bug… :thinking:

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Thank you cubic13 for your kind reply. This confirms my assumption. I have changed my post accordingly.

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