Insert effect on certain part only

I want to add an insert effect onto a certain part of my track only. I want to highlight this part and then add the effect (delay) to it. My problem is: I only know how to add the effect to the whole track, not only to the highlighted part. Can s.o please help ?

Insert effect on channel and automate “Bypass insert”.

Depending on the material you have on the track, you may get better result by creating FX track, sending your track to FX and automate send, though.

Well to be more precise, I have a sentence in which the vocal sings:

we will see them

and I want only “them” to be repeated as delay, getting more silent at the same time.

What is the best ( least complicated) way to do it?

In this case, it’s definitely FX track and automate send to pick up only the word you like to have echo with.

Here I am again. I tried to copy a certain part of the vocal track. Then I created a new audio and pasted it into it. I added delay to it. I called this audio “echo-delay”. The Outputs are 1+2. But there is no sound !? Nothing at all. I’m sure it’s something very simple I must still do, but I am a newbie and I’m stuck here :frowning:
You can hear all other audios except for this copied one.

Try posting a screenshot. There is no way for anyone to help you with the information given.

As Jaslan said. No way to give any instructions with given information. Come on. For example, you wrote:

created a new audio and pasted it into it

Created WHAT? Audio track? Audio event?
Pasted WHAT into WHAT???

I’m still standing behind my original tip: use FX track and automated send from the audio track to the FX track. This is “by the book” method. If you really want to use duplicates, here’s the best method (I think):

  1. Create a duplicate of your original track (Right click track, choose Duplicate Tracks)
  2. Cut out this word you want to echo from the original track
  3. Cut out everything except the word you want to echo from the duplicate track
  4. Insert your delay plugin into duplicate track

The problem with this method is:

  • If you want to change anything (EQ, compression, etc…) you’ll have to make same adjustments on both tracks.
  • If you have compressor on the track(s), the cut-points may create nasty artifacts, if you’re using compressor with long release times and/or words aren’t completely separated.

Again: create a FX track and use send automation.