✰ Insert Effect Rack ✰

I think a great solution to the INSERT effects slot limit would be to create an
Insert Effect Rack plugin chainer…

Something along the lines of the Waves StudioRack
but open to any VST effect to be inserted in the chain.

(FYI: I would pay up to USD$99.00 for this add-on!!!)

It would be great to have a vst effect that was a “effect rack” where we could store plugins/effects chains that could then be recalled as a insert rack preset as we needed.
Big workflow time saver!!
And a great way to try out effects variations for producers!

Insert Effect Rack could the take any of/or even multiple of the 8 slots in a track’s INSERT section without altering the functionality of the main Cubase Pro 8.5 platform.

PLEASE, as masters of the VST world, please consider creating this!
You could even market it to other DAW users as a universal VST Insert Effect Rack that they can purchase as a standard VST and run in their DAW.

This would then make Insert Rack effects chains cross-platform compatible !!

Thanks for the consideration!


there are Third party “Chainers” already if u need them,but would be nice to have native chainer (studio one 3 style maybe ? )



Exactly… nothing currently on the market that does the job at all well !

DDMF’s MetaPlugin take on it is probably the most functional of the 3…

But a truly universal chainer/insert rack with VST GUI access to each plugin allowing 8 (or more) inserts per rack would be perfect.

Then you could load 8 racks (6+2) in the CPRO INSERTS for sound design & production
(as this insert limit is one BIG area where CPRO falls woefully behind the leading sound design tool Ableton Live 9.5)

A VST insert chainer rack from the guys who created VST allowing all the same functionality with series and parallel routing options (and gain staging) between effects would be most welcome!