Insert effect view: Graphical versus Parameter view

I’m having the problem that I can’t switch the view of the insert effect in the mixer from parameter view back to the graphical view. Also I have the problem that the insert effect is displayed far at the top of the screen so that I have to drag it down to reach the title bar.
Is there a solution for these view issues?
I’m using Dorico 4.0.31.

Does this problem affect all insert effects, or just one in particular? Are you experiencing this problem with the built-in effects provided with Dorico, or a third-party plug-in?

This problem happens with all insert effects regardless of the channel. And these effects are all the built-in effects provided by Dorico. I saw the graphical representation a few weeks ago, but I’m pretty sure it was never displayed again after Dorico crashed during my edit mode session (i think it was caused by velocity editing).

Perhaps try clicking the Clear Audio Engine Cache button on the VST Plug-ins page of Preferences, then restart Dorico and see if that helps.

I tried to fix the problem with your tips but it doesn’t help. Also I reduced the screen resolution to find out if this could be a problem but no way. Is there any other method to get back to the graphical view of the insert effects? Maybe reset operations or deleting something from the Dorico cache? Any help is much appreciated :roll_eyes:

Paging @Ulf – I’m afraid I don’t know enough about how these plug-ins work to know what might be going on here. My only other suggestion would be to run the Dorico installer again (if you’re on Windows, choosing the Repair option), because I believe the graphical interfaces for the plug-ins are found in external files, and maybe somehow these files have been damaged or lost on your system?

I don’t know either. I will ask my expert and come back asap.

One more question @ChangePerspective , please. Does it happen with a any project or only specific ones? What if you start a new project and insert plug-ins there, same problem?
And please do Help > Create Diagnostics Report from Dorico’s main menu and attach the corresponding zip file here. Thanks

Hi @ChangePerspective , also my expert is puzzled because normally in Dorico it shall not be possible to change to the generic editor and he wonders how that can happen with you in first place.
Could you please confirm if it happens with every project you have and even with newly created ones? Thanks

Hello Ulf

I created a new project (solo piano) and the parameter view still remains - for both the existing and also newly inserted effects. Here you can see the inserted reverb which is defaulted by the template in the reverb channel strip.

And here is the diagnostics file from the newly created solo piano project.
Dorico (2.7 MB)

In the meantime I’ll try to repair the installation by the windows “Repair” function, let’s see what happens then.
Thanks again for your help.

This is really strange…
My expert is already off into the Easter break, so I can only talk to him next week again.
Let’s hope that the repair function will fix it.

After I executed the repair installation function the insert effects GUI display is back again (hooray).
I don’t really know what corrupts the installation but I’ll keep an eye on it in case it happens again.
Reverb effects GUI after repair:

Oh, excellent, that is good to hear. I also don’t know what changed so that it is back to normal behaviour, but it is back, that is most important.