Insert Effects in Sonic SE?

The manual has me confused about insert effects in HALion Sonic SE.
On the Effects page, is it possible to INSERT an effect, for example a graphic EQ, as opposed to using an aux send to mix in the signal. (I see there is an insert bypass switch.)
The four slots only seem to work as sends, although the manual calls them “insert effect slots”.
Can anyone provide some clarification?
Thanks in advance

I don’t use HSSE user per se, but since no one had replied to your question I thought I’d check it out. :slight_smile:

It looks like the Effects tab in HSSE is for the entire Multi Program Rack. So to answer your question as far as I understand it, I would say that each of the 16 Programs in the Multi Rack share the four Aux FX 1-4 effects. Just like what you had experienced. (It mimics how a lot of hardware synthesizers out there uses effects.)

If you want straight inserts you could use the Cubase Inserts instead of the HSSE Aux FX’s.

I may be off in my understanding of HSSE, but from a quick glance it appears that way to me.

Thanks for your suggestion about using the channel inserts. You are right about that.
Still, I would love to be able to use some of the effects in Halion SE as inserts, because they seem to offer some features and presets not found in the regular Cubase effects. I found a workaround involving returning the aux send to an unused output, but it kind of annoying to do that every time.
Any other ideas about this? Maybe a feature for future version? Or is this something you get if you upgrade to the full version?

For what it’s worth, I kind of figured this thing out. In the effects page, the the 5th column (“main”) functions as inserts for the whole rack for things like compression, EQ…