Insert Effects Turning on/off by it self?

Hello group. I am loving the new look and functionally of C8 pro, coming from C5. What a massive upgrade!

I have this issues I have never encountered before and I was hoping someone may be able to help. I my vocal channel I have handful of insert effects (eq, comp etc) and as my last effect I am using Waves vocal rider to automate the vocal rides.

during the playback of the track in certain sections of the song all of the inserts go on bypass, expect the vocal rider plugin. Then after several seconds they turn back on. Really strange. It almost appears like somehow I automated the effects to be by passed but I don’t even know how to do that. LOL

Is there a way to check that and turn off that option if in fact I did that by mistake? If thats not it can anyone think of why the inserts would behave like this?

Thank you

I got it figured out. Incase someone else has this issue, here is what I did.

In edit screen, highlight vocal track and right clicked and choose “show all automation used”. That will open everything that is being automated. I saw right away that the insert effects were being bypassed for some reason so I removed all those automation tracks and the issue was fixed. I must have automated the effects to be on/off some how but I no clue how I did that. lol

Thank you

Don’t feel too bad as I think it has happened to a few others too. For me, I sometimes mistakenly start clicking on the mute automation track. How/why… who knows. Then during playback it takes me a few seconds to realize/remember what the heck I did. :laughing:

Regards :sunglasses: