Insert empty page

In an almost finished Dorico project I want to insert an empty page (no master page) before page 2. Unfortunately this messes up the layout of some following pages. Question to Daniel: may be it’s the same problem that is examined in thread (the flow is part of this project)?

If you send me the project, I can take a look.

I’d like to request some sort of automatic ‘Insert empty page’ feature that makes sure every flow with 2, 4, etc pages starts on the left side. It is super easy to do it manually at the moment, but one has to redo it every time the lenght of any preciding flow is altered.

The error can be reproduced by a small project with one flow. If you insert an empty page before page 1 than the error occurs, if you insert an empty page after page 1 then there is no error. Funny is what happens if you insert a page inherited from first or standard master page. (290 KB)

Right, yes, of course: when you insert a page, then the staff spacing edits you applied are cleaned up. We have already fixed the problem that causes this score to have uneven staff spacing, so this will be in better shape in the next update.

Problem solved with the new Dorico 1.2 :slight_smile: