Insert file bug?

I haven’t used this command much, but just did and I’m pretty sure there’s an issue: It seems like maybe WL caches the inserted file or something. I inserted a file into another. Then I realized there was a problem with it-- I had to regenerate it (offline bounce from PT11) and replaced the previous one, so it had the same name. Totally weirdly, when I went to re-insert the corrected file in WL, it inserted the audio from the previous (incorrect one)! I went through this carefully several times-- The corrected file sounded as it should when previewed in the Finder from the insert dialog box, but then the old version played once inserted.

When I quit WL and re-launched, it inserted the same file correctly.

I also believe I replicated it from scratch. I’m using 8.0.3 at the moment, so if it was a corrected bug, disregard. Or maybe I’m not understanding how this is expected operation? Hope you can follow that…


Anyone else seen this?

While you are inside WaveLab, you should not overwrite, with another software, a file used in WaveLab.

Hmm…right, but this file was never opened in WL and remained independent, if I understand “insert file” correctly. It’s the equivalent of a more convenient copy/paste, right?

When you “insert” a file in WaveLab, this file is open in WaveLab even if not visible.

OK, I see that’s how it works from the back-end. From the user standpoint (well, this user at least), this looks something like a bug. At the interface, the file is expressly not open, and I’m not expecting it to act like it is. So I see what you’re saying, just pointing out how it might look from the other end, and how it came up as a problem.