Insert fret hand positions in the Score Editor when using Tablature

Hi ppl! :slight_smile:
Can I have my time back, please??? :open_mouth:
I just edited some stuff in the score editor using tablature for some guitar parts I wanted the best fingerings for.
It works … but mmmmmmmman! It takes forever to poke around with that crap haha!

So I dreamed up a little solution, I think.
Say you play in C major and you are in open position where some things work and some are painful.
Move to the fifth position and you have a little partial bar chord on strings 2-4. Hooray!
Now imagine you are in Cubase with this new feature request implemented where you can just enter a roman numeral for positions in the score.
If none of the notes you play are over the high G on the first string third fret you don’t enter a position and Cubase spreads your notes out over the strings around frets 0,1,2,3 and maybe 4.
If you want to have your fingering in the fifth position you enter a V and Cubase spreads out the notes from fret 5 and upwards.
Correct me if I’m wrong but then you can only play your G note on the second string 8th fret, right?
So that’s basically it, I think.
It’s just a tool to spread the notes out when you first get them into the score and only the first step in editing the guitar notes.
Of course, there will be ambiguities but the worst part is done in no time!
For example, the B on fourth string 9th fret can comfortably be played at the third string 4th fret in a lot of cases, and vice sheriff.
So the idea is that the position “rules” can be overturned with no further questions at any time.
They may not even need to be “live” but only do their thing when you execute them it’s onto the next move.
That’s the way the Logical Editor works, one command at a time.

So moving all this further up to 10th position we have a new set of notes you just can’t reach from open and fifth position.
If the user enters a roman X in the score because it seems reasonable from trying to play the music that this would work then it can’t be too hard to code how Cubase should distribute the notes?
Maybe I’m wrong?
Maybe there should be a way to cap the notes from being too far away from the position fret?

Moving all notes individually like you have to do now gets a little more tedious than I like!!!
And then you might realize that “hmm … if these notes go here then they’re even easier to play” and you have to do it all over again.
If you could just enter a position it would take seconds to have just about all the notes moved into the right place in one fell swoop!
Adjusting the details would be a breeze and you could go on to do something better with your life hehe.

Sounds like a plan? :sunglasses: