Insert FX GUI + CPU Spikes

During the last couple of months , I have been experiencing severe CPU spikes when I open certain insert FX’s GUI. Im not sure if it’s related to the 11.0.30 update.
It seems that it happens a lot with Waves, Melda, Izotope but not when I open Acustica , Fabfilter, Kush , Voxengo e.g
This can happen even in almost empty projects and while the GUI is open everything becomes slow until I close it.

Has anyone experienced similar behavior?

Cubase 11 Pro , GT 750ti, rYZEN 9 3900X, 64giga RAM, RME Multiface.

Yes. I’ve noticed this too lately.

Yes it can be really frustrating at times, does anyone have a clue what might cause this?