Insert FX vs Monitor FX in AI with UR44

When using the UR44 with Cubase AI I am finding 3 settings in the mix window for the DSP effects. They are not clearly labeled, but they seem to be Bypass, Monitor FX, and Insert FX. Unfortunately the monitor FX setting acts just like the bypass setting with no effects in the headphones.

If I use the dspMixFx app with another DAW I get all three settings, clearly marked and functioning as expected. I would expect that the device should work wonders with it’s own DAW, not be buggy.

All three UR settings works as expected by me.
How have you got your phones routed - which mix?

Phones are not muted and I’m using mix one. I can hear the sound just fine, it’s just that I only hear DSP effects when using insert effects. If I use monitor effects I get the same results as if I were bypassing DSP, which is no effects at all. I can still hear the guitar, just with no effects.

Okay, I reinstalled Cubase AI hoping that maybe that would help. Now the UI has a glitch and the switch to change the effects is gone because the channel strips are too narrow. I have tried resizing windows repeatedly hoping to reset it, but no success. I am just not having a good time with Cubase. I want to love it, but it’s not helping me do so.

Widen the width of the channels with the zoom (G,H keys) controls. With the latest UR drivers and firmware, this shouldn’t be an issue.