Insert Linking - Symphony / Stratus

Hey Exponential Audio users,
I got a weird thing for a while (like 2 years) but am getting around further investigating it just yet.
I my mix session I got 3 let’s say Symphony3D verbs set up per STEM, so 3-DX, 3-HFX, 3-Foley, 3-MX Verbs.
I would like to link those verbs (atleast DX, HFX and Foley verbs) to change parameters all at once, once I touch one of them. With the Plugin UI open and channels linked in the Mixer this is not possible. However when I switch into the “Generic Editor” Mode for the plugin I am controlling, the parameter change gets picked up and carried over to the linked channels. This is weird and has to have something to do with the pay parameter changes invoked by the UI are programmed in the plugin itself. So it cannot be Steinbergs fault I am sure.

Just wanted to check if you guys are experiencing a similar experience with those plugins.

I am happy to hear workarounds also :slight_smile:
Right now I do not link them, but have them oben pretty small and copy/paste the plugin settings each time I do a parameter change in loop automation mode.

Thanks, Hendrix