Insert Measure in Time Warp?

Does anyone know if there is a new feature to insert a measure into the time line, while using time warp.

When I write cues for part of a reel, I use time warp to assign where I want my hit points to go. That way when I start recording, all of my music is lined up properly. If I start with a cue later in the reel, as well as have a cue just before that cue, it becomes a pain to manage the measures, if I have to insert another cue in between the two cues I already created.

Usually I have to lock everything down, then move all of the hit points over, then slide the measures back and line them up, just to add more measures. It would be handy if there was a function that could squish measures into an area between two time warp points, not effecting the earlier or later points and then I can move my extra measures around as needed.

I can’t find anything that does this in Cubase 5, so please tell me if there is a better way. I know Sibelius has an insert measure function, but I can’t seem to find it in C5, without having to realign all the hits I have created.

Possibly the Process Bars dialogue?

No experience of this myself…but seems to do what you need. It was in C5 already.

It’s like you read my mind! I just posted in another thread where I was hoping that the quantize and tempo mapping functions would work with warp and not just with sliced files.

Quantise does work with warp & not just sliced files.

The tempo detection function marks every single beat of a file & if you then “set definition from tempo” of your audio it will follow exactly your tempo by warping…so for example you can turn off the tempo track & set a fixed tempo & your audio will be quantised.
(Problem is that you might not actually want to quantise every beat…if you have a good feel you don’t want to lose it but you might want to quantise every 4 or 8 bars just to keep the tempo tight. I can’t see how I can do this with the tempo detection as it stands, but manual mapping is easy enough if it’s only every 4 bars or so.)

I tempo mapped a free timed song earlier that was speeding up & slowing down too much & set it to a fixed tempo (actually 1 tempo each for the verse & chorus as it sounded better that way.)

Was really surprised/pleased with the results. Need to export a mix without the warping & a/b them, but without comparing it sounded completely natural…I couldn’t hear that it was stretched at all.

Hmm, sounds promising. I’m so looking forward to messing with those options. The way the manual explains it and the videos show how the quantize works, it’s difficult to tell how it works in conjunction with warp. Especially from the project page. Having to go to the editor just to move a single point a few samples left or right is a pain in the butt.

[/quote] Having to go to the editor just to move a single point a few samples left or right is a pain in the butt.[/quote]

Not sure how you could assign only certain audio to be shifted if say you wanted to manually slide a drum hit but then move a bass note…even if you can, by the time you assigned one track & unassigned the other you might as well have opened the sample editor to do it. I don’t think this release is answering all our prayers for the fastest, easiest route to warping, but at least it seems to be sounding great with the elastic pro algo.

Eventually I hope the idea is to have the warp markers in the event. So you can deal with them in the project window. Use the time stretch to adjust the audio on either side of the marker being moved.

EDIT: The reason I would like it is when comping mutliple nights worth of performances, it would rock to be able to adjust just particular parts of a solo from one night to get it better aligned with the rest of the band from a different night.