Insert midi tracks into project from Halion Multi Program

Is this possible… I chose Halion Sonce SE as an instrument track in my project. Within Halion I load a Multi Program that has my preset choice of sounds. Is there a way to create a midi track in my project that is assigned to each of the sound slots in that preset? I realize I could create a project template when using the Multi Preset and create tracks for each one of the sounds but since I may change out certain sounds in the multi preset I would like the project to follow suit.


Yes, you can. Just add another MIDI track and route it to the HALion Sonic SE. If you want to control every layer independently, set independent MIDI Channels in HALion Sonic SE for every single sound slot. If you want to control them at once, set all of the to the same MIDI Channel.

I do understand those concepts of the program. I was just wondering if there was a way to populate my project (automatically) with midi tracks upon picking my multi preset in Halion. I’m pretty sure there wasn’t but while I was play8ing around it just got me thinking so I thought I’d ask.

You can have multiple-midi channels in the same midi track, and they will work as expected, if you select “Any” where you would normally select a midi channel number

If you then put a midi song file with multiple channels on that track, it will send those channels appropriately to HALion and you can change the sounds for each channel in HALion as you like.