Insert mode but for a single measure only?

I love the insert mode so much – the way you can “ripple” the entire “timeline” (sorry I’ve spent a lot of time with DAWs and also video NLEs haha).

However, I was thinking how cool it would be to either use a modifier key or enter a separate insert on selected measure only type mode. Does this already exist? The reason being, I may want to take the rhythms I created in a measure - let’s say I have two quarter notes and expand them into half notes - without “rippling” the rest of the sequence or other staves. Maybe this seems odd to some but there are cases where you don’t want to alter the rhythm of the overall musical structure, just the selected measure. If this already exists let me know, thanks!

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Thanks, so many cool options! It seems like what I’m after can be achieved by locking the bars after the one I want to modify (alt+shift+I) and then using the regular insert voice or player option so it’s not affecting the other bars globally. Good stuff!