Insert mode in open meter

Hi folks. I’m currently making a personal edition of Messiaen’s Quatuor pour le fin de temps, starting with the Danse de la fureur. It’s open meter, and as I’m proofreading the initial pass, if I find any incorrect rhythms, I’m trying to find the best way to correct them. For example, if I want to delete the eighth note rest in the example, insert mode will rebar the rest of the piece, which I don’t want. Is that correct? I’m assuming the best workaround is to split the flow, fix the bar, then paste the split flow back into the current flow?


No, I definitely wouldn’t do that! If you want to delete the rest and reduce the bar commensurately, the way way to do that is by showing the caret at that position, then typing Shift+B for the bars popover, then typing -1e and hitting Return. That will remove one eighth note’s worth of time, and pull the barline position back as well, leaving everything else alone (in theory!).


Excellent, thank you Daniel!

May I just say: the ability to add and subtract time this way anywhere in a score is one of my absolute favorite features about dorico. I use it all the time when doing chant and psalm settings. It’s so wonderful.