Insert Mode into available space only?

Dear all,

the title is likely fairly nonsensical, but here’s what I’m trying to do:

I’m playing around with some ideas and I love using insert mode to quickly double note values.
Now it would be nice if Insert mode wouldn’t shift the entire staff towards the back, but only the selected notes, so that my “doubling note value” action would in fact overwrite the available space after the selection?

Does this make sense? :smiley:


There is an editing function: “Double note value” in
Write-mode-> edit note-duration



thx, but I’m using this function already. Thing is, it overwrites notes when not in Insert mode.
With insert mode on, it works great, but the the rest of the music is pushed forward.
I was just wondering if it was possible to use it with insert mode on and just use any available rests/space following the selection to expand into?
Obviously I’d have to create enough bars to fit the resulting music… :wink:
Sorry if my OP was unclear…

Have a great dasy,

It’s not possible, but plenty of people have asked for it before. I can’t instantly dig up confirmation or refusal that something will or won’t be done along these lines, but it’s certainly not a new request.

Maybe the mentioned function helps in overwrite mode together with chord mode
(Assign buttons / user macro) ?


Thx all!

Patience it is, then… :wink:


Has anyone tried copying the part where one wanted to double note values into a separate flow, doubling the intended note values (and cleaning it up if necessary), and then copying it over the appropriate notes in the original flow.

It’s not an automatic, one-click process, but it might be the most efficient path available.

Yes I did it with a user-makro. It works if you have a second empty flow.
First make the selection, then start the macro recording: cut out, 2. activate flow, insert mode and paste and call the function and then cut to clipboard and the macro is done.

You then have to paste the doubled notes back into the correct place from the clipboard.


Instead of using another Flow, you could temporarily add a staff.

Edit > Staff > Add Staff Below
M (to move notes to that staff)
Double note values
N (to move notes back up)
Delete added Staff